Truth Integrative ladies are fabulous! My story consists of TWO healings. My 81-year-old daddy was diagnosed with liver bile duct cancer in October 2021. Kim explained the role of toxins in cancer and the importance of detoxing and healing at a cellular level. She has been so patient to work with my parents while doing vital infusions and supplements to help daddy heal. He did not take much chemo over that time period, but when he did it made him very sick and it was tearing his body down at a cellular level. His oncologist was not addressing the issues he was having secondary to the chemo, but Kim did and essentially helped him survive the chemo.

When daddy was diagnosed with cancer, I moved in with my parents to help out. God arranged this time so perfectly. Looking back, I needed the time for my brain to slow down and let the Holy Spirit lead me through the journey. I started my healing journey over 3 years ago with natural healing. I had no idea it was for the awakening inside me. Our body is a temple and God designed it so complex, but yet so simple. We can’t just expect a medical professional to tell us what to do. That removes the Holy Spirit from the equation. Healing is also action. We must clear our mind from wordly clutter. Today I feel better than I have ever felt, thanks to Kim and a few other holistic healers.