Patti Sims Townsend

Pattie Sims Townsend


Pattie Sims Townsend, LPN, has a heart for all creatures, and her desire to alleviate suffering has led her to a successful career in medicine. She began her career in respiratory therapy and graduated from nursing school in 1981. Over the years, she has gained experience in multiple specialties while working with a diverse range of patients. Her broad range of expertise spans the areas of neurological and general surgery, Covid care, senior care, psychiatric care, and correctional nursing. Pattie is married to the love of her life, Tracy. When Pattie is not caring for her patients, she enjoys camping with her husband and grandchildren and creating beauty from wood and cloth. Having grown up on a farm with her two brothers and sister, she also finds delight behind the wheel of a tractor or any large equipment. Growing up in nature has shaped her nurturing soul and contributed to excellence in her nursing career.