Dr. Witcher


Dr. John Witcher

Dr. John Witcher brings over 28 years of distinguished experience in General Practice and Emergency Medicine to the team at Truth Integrative Medicine. He is highly respected within the medical community, not only for his comprehensive knowledge and skills but also for his deep commitment to providing compassionate patient care. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Witcher has worked in primary care and has ventured into the realm of functional medicine, understanding the significance of integrating alternative therapies with conventional treatments.

A key aspect of Dr. Witcher’s medical philosophy is his belief in empowering patients with the freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions. He recognizes that while medications can be instrumental in some instances, they aren’t the sole solution to every health challenge.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Witcher’s dedication to his faith and community is evident. He is an active member of the First Fannin Baptist Church and frequently embarks on medical and evangelical missions to Honduras. When he’s not in the clinic or serving his community, he treasures moments spent with family, especially his grandchildren, and enjoys pursuing his passion for flying.

At Truth Integrative Medicine, we’re proud to have a physician of Dr. Witcher’s caliber on our team, ensuring our patients receive the very best in integrative healthcare.