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Our Approach

Frustration increases every time a patient is told by their doctor, “Your labs look fine. I don’t see anything that can be causing your problems.” Then, yet another medication is offered for a sign or symptom that never really helps the problem. At Truth Integrative, we listen to our patients. If you listen long enough, they will tell you exactly what’s wrong with them. We strive to find the core of the patient’s problem. Once identified, we use integrative therapies to help the patient heal from the inside out. When the core of a patient’s problems is addressed, insidious signs and symptoms dissipate. The more naturally we treat a patient,  typically the better the outcome.

Our Story

Truth Integrative Medicine is a functional medicine clinic born out of frustration with the conventional medical system and limitations in insurance-based healthcare.  Formerly Truth Wellness Center, Truth Integrative Medicine is founder Kimberly Strong’s second functional medicine endeavor.  Kimberly continues to find opportunities for advanced education that will enrich and grow her practice for the ever-changing needs of her patients.

Kimberly has been a patient, herself, with an inflammatory-driven problem that caused her to develop several autoimmune issues.  She remembers, when at her sickest, feeling as if her body was shutting down on the inside.  At one point, she was sure if she didn’t find the core of her own problems, she would die of her illness.  

Rather than chasing signs and symptoms with immune suppressors, heart rate regulators, migraine cessation, and more medications, Kimberly sought to find the root cause of what was driving the inflammation.  Surprisingly, the root cause was an environmental factor that affected a genetic immune system issue she was unaware of.  Who would have thought to look at the environment as a source of their health problems?  Today, Kimberly knows if the environment is not explored as a potential cause of one’s health issues, she’s missing the mark.

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Our Professional staff of caring individuals would be happy to help you meet all your healthcare needs.

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